Quality People
Quality Products

Wood Selection

We only use grade AA lumber. One of our lumber mills has even internally created a higher grade designated as “Hallmark grade”! Color consistency by hand selecting woods, combined with an added wash coat on all stains. Wood Veneers (real and engineered) from standard to exotic. Reclaimed lumber offerings. Acrylics, Textured melamines, Italian Laminates and lots of other exciting products new to market. 14 Interior color options including a Walnut veneer option. Optional formaldehyde free products like Wheat-board and Medite products.

The Best Tools

Engineered in both the United States and Germany, our manufacturing tools are state of the art minimizing both cost and waste for optimum efficiency and employee safety.  Our constant reinvestment into the latest equipment ensures that you will have the most precisely manufactured cabinet possible.  Each machine is calibrated to exacting standards and maintained daily to ensure product size down to 1/64th of an inch.

Skilled Craftsmen

With loyal long-term employees boasting over 35 years in the industry alongside newly hired, creative, go-getters; Hallmark’s craftsmen and women have the talent and expertise to make your dreams a reality.  Our people are what make all the difference, and we feel blessed to have the best group of professionals in the industry.

Cabinet Quality

Starting with ¾” sides, bottoms, a full top and fully captured back it is easy to see why there isn’t a better cabinet built on the market.  Once the perfectly square cabinet box is built, top of the line hardware is installed to make the functionality of a Hallmark cabinet second to none.  We work hard to test all the latest hardware and only offer what we consider industry-leading so the functionality and durability of your cabinets lasts a lifetime.